Statements by Topic: Disaster risk reduction
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Statement Date Process National
Brazil and Nicaragua 23 Jan 2014
Sustainable Development in a Changing World 10 Jan 2014 Columbia University
Dr. Peter deMenocal, Earth Institute
Disaster Risk Reduction within the Sustainable Development Goals 10 Jan 2014
Mr. Ronald H Jackson, Executive Director, Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency
Disaster Risk Reduction: Possibilities Motivate Change 10 Jan 2014 DuPont
Ms. Debbra A.K. Johnson, DuPont Sustainable Solutions
Australia, The Netherlands and United Kingdom 10 Jan 2014
Denmark, Norway and Ireland 10 Jan 2014
Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS) 10 Jan 2014 Pacific Small Island Developing States (PSIDS)
New Zealand 10 Jan 2014 New Zealand
Argentina, Bolivia and Ecuador 10 Jan 2014
Maldives 10 Jan 2014 Maldives
European Union 10 Jan 2014 European Union and its Member States
Nepal 10 Jan 2014 Nepal
Bangladesh 10 Jan 2014 Bangladesh
Major Group: Indigenous Peoples 10 Jan 2014 Indigenous Peoples
Iran 10 Jan 2014 Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Major Group: Business & Industry 10 Jan 2014 Business and Industry
Canada, Israel and United States of America 10 Jan 2014
Perspectives for Setting Climate Sustainability Goals 9 Jan 2014
Professor Pan Jiahua, Director, Institute for Urban and Environmental Studies
Climate change, disaster risk reduction & the Post-2015 Development Framework 9 Jan 2014 World Resources Institute (WRI)
Mr. Andrew Steer, President and CEO
Japan 9 Jan 2014 Japan

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