Major Groups and other Stakeholders Briefing Day (continued)
22 Sep 2013
10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Conference Room 2 (CB), New York
This event will focus on the current state of the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) process, what happens next including planning on the intersessional with the co-chairs and the morning hearings, the creation of potential clusters and planning for the February to September drafting process. This session will also explore the role stakeholders have in achieving the ongoing convergence between the SDGs and post-2015 processes. This stakeholder briefing will be held the morning of Sunday 22 September from 10AM to 1 PM in Conference Room 2 (CB).

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Session 2: Entry points into the process on SDGs
Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings
Priscilla M Achakpa, National Coordinator, Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative  Council(WSSCC)
Executive Director, Women Environmental Programme(WEP), Nigeria
Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Contributions to Thematic Clusters By Major Groups & other Stakeholders
Presentation by Mr. Ola Goransson, Outreach and Communications Branch
United Nations