Statements by Topic: Science
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Prof. Jun Chen, Academician, National Basic Geographic Information Center, Ministry of Natural Resources, China 12 Dec 2019
Prof. Gong Ke, Nankai University, President of the World Federation of Engineering Organization 12 Dec 2019
Ms. Inger Midtkandal, Science and Technology Counsellor to the Research Council of Norway, Norway 12 Dec 2019
Ms. Monika Matusiak, Senior Policy Officer, European Commission, Joint Research Centre, Seville, Spain 12 Dec 2019
Special Session on STI for SDGs Roadmaps: country experiences and international partnerships 12 Dec 2019
Mr. Jaikumar Sabanayagam, Information System Officer, UN OICT, Bangkok, Thailand 11 Dec 2019
Mr. Xian Zhang, Assistant to the Director of South-South Cooperation Center for Technology Transfer, China 11 Dec 2019
Mr. Wei Liu, Coordinator, UN Inter-agency Task Team on STI for the SDG, Co-lead of the STI Roadmap Sub-working Group, DESA 11 Dec 2019
Mr. Napoleon Concepcion, Governor, Board of Investment (BOI), The Philippines 11 Dec 2019
Prof. Sachin Chaturvedi, Director General at the Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS), India 11 Dec 2019
Ms. Bolor-Erdene Battsengel, Access Solutions, Mongolia 11 Dec 2019
Mr. Stefan Dierks, Research Assistant, Technology Sub-Programme of the Finance, Technology and Capacity Building Programme, UNFCCC 11 Dec 2019
Dr. Thazin Han, Director, Department of Research and Innovation, Ministry of Education, Myanmar 10 Dec 2019
Mr. Anthony C. Sales, Regional Director, Department of Science and Technology, the Philippines 10 Dec 2019
Dr. Araba Sey, Principal Research Fellow / Head of Research, UN University Institute in Macau, China 10 Dec 2019
Mr. Wang Wei, Deputy Director General, Nanjing Municipal Financial Regulatory Bureau, China 10 Dec 2019
Dr. Sarasija Padmanabhan, Patent Consultant, Indian Institute of Science Campus, India 10 Dec 2019
Dr. Chaiyatorn Limapornvanich, Innovation Strategy Manager, National Innovation Agency, Thailand 10 Dec 2019
Ms. Eun Mee Kim, Professor and Dean at the Graduate School of International Studies, the Director of the IDHS and the Director of the GHIG at Ewha Womans University (Seoul, Korea) 9 Dec 2019
Mr. Jonathan Tsuen Yip Wong, Chief of Technology and Innovation, ESCAP 9 Dec 2019

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