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Workshop, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 12-13 November 2007

Workshop on International Exchange of Experience in Underground Coal Gasification Technologies (UCG) and Sustainable Energy Development

12-13 November 2007
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Coal will continue to be the largest energy source in many countries with economies in transition. Discussions at 15th session of the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD-15) underlined the importance attached to clean coal technologies. One of these technologies is underground coal gasification (UCG) technology, which would enhance flexibility in the transition to a low-carbon energy economy. Some respects of UCG technology remain at an early stage of development, with further research and development required. Uncertainties remain with respect to technical, economic, and regulatory aspects.

The Division for Sustainable Development, DESA, with the support of the Joint Stock Company TuranAlemBank and the approval of the Government of Kazakhstan held a capacity building workshop in Kazakhstan, from 12-13 November, which brought together the representatives of research institutes, industry organizations, and government agencies working to advance the knowledge of UCG options. The primary objective was to elaborate and explore the potential contribution of UCG to sustainable energy development in Kazakhstan and other Central Asian countries.

The capacity building and information exchange was intended to facilitate understanding of the potential of UCG to contribute to sustainable development goals, particularly in the areas of energy and climate change. Participants discussed potential for development and adaptation of advanced UCG technologies to be introduced in the region with appropriate coal reserves.

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