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NFP Meeting on CSD National Reporting, 2-3 March 2009

National Focal Points Meeting on CSD National Reporting

2-3 March 2009
New York

The National Focal Points (NFP) Meeting on CSD National Reporting was a day-and-a-half workshop, organized by the Division for Sustainable Development of DESA and sponsored by Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) of Canada. The workshop provided an opportunity for CSD national focal points to exchange experiences in reporting and to consider ways and means of improving future reporting for mutual benefit of both the CSD and the countries themselves. National focal points from active reporting countries were invited, taking into account of geographical balance and the balance between developed and developing countries.

Objectives of the Meeting

This one and a half-day meeting among the national focal points after the CSD-17 intergovernmental preparatory meeting (IPM) at United Nations Headquarters in New York was expected to catalyze countries to better provide and optimize national reports for the CSD-18/19 cycle and beyond. The meeting provided an opportunity for meeting participants to:

  1. Exchange experiences among national focal points in preparing national reports to the CSD,
    • How countries have benefited from the exercise;
    • Their respective and collective challenges faced;
    • Stakeholder involvement, if any.
  2. Propose ways for countries to use CSD national reporting for their own planning and monitoring purposes;
  3. Recommend ways in which guidelines provided by the Secretariat can be further simplified to facilitate more countries to report while also being optimized as inputs to the CSD;
  4. Discuss the role of national focal points and how to strengthen it, including for supporting partnerships in their respective countries.

Meeting Details