Documents by Topic: Capacity-building
Outcome Documents
  • Outcome Document - Introduction to the Proposal of the Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Bridging Knowledge and Capacity Gaps for Sustainability Transition: A Framework for Action
Secretary-General Reports Technical Support Team (TST) Issues Briefs
  • TST Issues Brief: Science, Technology and Innovation, Knowledge-sharing and Capacity-building
Meeting reports Programme
  • Programme for ECLAC Regional Capacity Building Workshop
Background papers/Special studies
  • A/CONF.199/20 - Report of the World Summit on Sustainable Development
    [Arabic] [Chinese] [English] [French] [Russian] [Spanish]
  • Background Paper No. 27
Other documents
  • The Analysis, Mapping, and Identification of Critical Gaps in Pre-Impact and Preparedness Drought Management Planning in Water-Scarce and In-Transition-Setting Countries in West Asia and North Africa
  • MEDROPLAN Report: Examples
  • Dr. Wu Drought Implementation Protocol
  • Zaragoza TOT Concept Notes
  • Zaragoza TOT Workshop Program
  • Drought Management in the Ebro River Basin
  • Ebro Basin Drought Plan Indicators
  • Drought Management Plan Guidelines
  • Socio-Economic Impacts of Drought
  • Role of Economic and Social Instruments in Drought Management
  • About ENESA
  • AGROSEGURO: Insuring Drought Risk
  • National Capacities to Manage Drought in Jordan
  • Drought Management in Morocco
  • Climate Change in Palestinian Territories
  • Drought Management in Tunisia
  • Yemen Country Report
Additional Resources
  • UNDG People’s Voices Issue Brief to the SDG 6th Open Working Group
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