Documents by Topic: Climate change
Resolutions and decisions Outcome Documents
  • Outcome Document - Introduction to the Proposal of the Open Working Group for Sustainable Development Goals
  • Summary of the Co-Chairs - Open Working Group on SDGs - Seventh Session
  • Conclusions & Recommendations
Secretary-General Reports Technical Support Team (TST) Issues Briefs
  • TST Issues Brief: Climate Change and Disaster Reduction
Meeting reports Logistics
  • Programme
  • Concept Note on Climate Change
  • Programme and Presentations
  • Participants (Climate Change)
  • Background Paper on Climate Change
  • Draft Agenda for EGM on Indicators
  • Information for Participants of EGM on Indicators
  • Programme for Energy Forum
  • Programme for EGM on Carbon Capture
  • Accommodation Information
Other documents
  • UN-HABITAT - Urban and peri-urban agriculture and forestry as a strategy for climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Aide-Mémoire
  • Booklet on Best Practices on
  • Booklet on Policy Options for Enhancing Sustainable Urban Transport
  • Declaration on Climate Change 2009
  • Letter of Invitation
  • Beijing High-Level Statement
  • Chair's Summary on Bejing Conference
  • Aide Memoire on Bejing Conference
  • Background paper on Bejing Conference
  • Annex to Chair's Summary
  • Background Paper on Indicators
  • Programme & Presentations for EGM on Indicators
  • Concept Note on Indicators
  • Meeting Overview/Aide Memoire for Forum
  • Background paper: Anne Arquit Niederberger - Overview of Policies and Measures to Promote Household Equipment Efficiency
  • Background paper: Ken Yeang - Green Design
  • Background paper: Kim, Kyung-Hee - Overview on Public Benefit Campaigns to Promote Energy Conservation and Energy Efficiency
  • Concluding Discussion & Summary of Remarks
  • Concept Note for EGM on Carbon Capture
  • Abstracts
  • The Future of Coal-based Power Generation
  • Carbon Capture and Storage - A Legal Perspective
  • Carbon Capture and Storage - South African Activities and Plans
  • Potential for CCS in Kazakhstan
  • Final Programme with Presentations
  • Background paper - Climate Change Mitigation & Sustainable Development
  • Background paper - Adaptation to Climate Change in the Context of Sustainable Development
  • Climate Change
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