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Development Account project: Mainstreaming climate change into national sustainable development strategies and plans in Latin America and the Caribbean
"Integrating Climate Change into National Sustainble Development Strategies and Plans in Latin America and the Caribbean"

The project objective was to strengthen the capacity of countries to integrate climate change concerns, especially with regard to adaptation, into their national sustainable development strategies (NSDS) and other planning processes, particularly with regard to technology transfer. The project focused on impacts on ecosystems, water resources, agriculture, coastal zones, human health, energy systems and natural disasters. The project addressed major issues related to technology transfer and strengthens the capacity of countries for the absorption of climate related technologies. A special focus was placed on identifying technological needs and technology transfer barriers. In order to assist countries in deriving goals for adaptation and mitigation and in monitoring their NSDS, methodological approaches were developed. The methodologies were pilot tested in three countries selected from the Latin America and Caribbean region including one small island developing state.
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