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Name Affiliation/Title Presentation/Statement
Opening Session
Mr. Charles Tang Chairman of Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry Welcome Remarks
Dr. Philippe Schulz Expert Leader, Enviroment, Energy and Strategic Raw Materials, Renault SA Welcome Remarks
Keynote Statement
Mr. Sha Zukang United Nations Under-Secretary-General for Economic and Social Affairs and Secretary-General of the United Nations Conference for Sustainable Development
Session 1
Mr. Arab Hoballah Chief of Sustainable Consumption and Production UNEP/DTIE (English)
Dr. Awni Behnam Assistant Secretary-General, UN Commissioner General (English)
Mr. Andre Dizkus Senior Programme Officer, Water and Sanitation, Leader of Urban Mobility Unit, UN-HABITAT (English)
Mr. Lu Haifeng Secretary-General of Global Forum on Human Settlements (English)
Mr. Richard Register President of EcoCity Builders (English)
Session 2
Mr. Emani Kumar Coordinator for ICLEI Asia and the Executive Director for ICLEI South Asia (English)
Ms. Pam O'Connor Council Member, City of Santa Monica, California, USA (English)
Mr. Liu Defu Deputy Mayor of Sichuan Suining Municiple Government (English)
Mr. Lui Jianmin Member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Qiannan Autonomous Prefecture Committee and Secretary of CPC Duyun Municipal Committee (English)
Dr. Eckart Würzner Mayor of Heidelberg City, Germany (English)
Mr. David Liu President of China Sichuan David Architectural Design Co., Ltd. (English)