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News by Topic: Sustainable transport
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Transport Sector Is Off Track to Sustainability
19 Oct 2017 - First ever Global Mobility Report assesses performance for all transport modes worldwide.
Pursuing sustainable transport to make lives better for all
11 Nov 2016 - This first-ever UN conference dedicated to sustainable transport reflects the growing awareness of the crucial role that sustainable transport plays in advancing sustainable development and climate action,” UN DESA’s Under-Secretary-General Mr. Wu Hongbo said today as he briefed the press on the upcoming Global Sustainable Transport Conference.
Sustainable transport on the agenda for global conference
2 Nov 2016 -
Expert panel finds that greener, more efficient and sustainable transport can save trillions and help achieve Sustainable Development Goals
28 Oct 2016 - New York, 28 October – Greater investment in greener, more sustainable transport systems is essential for propelling the economic and social development that is essential for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals, according to an expert panel report delivered to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today.
Powering the Future We Want: special grant for sustainable transport
11 Jul 2016 - Mr. Juwang Zhu, Director of the Division of Sustainable Development, UNDESA
Q&A on Role of sustainable transportation to combat climate change
8 Jan 2016 -
SG's High Level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport to advance transport solutions to climate change
8 Dec 2015 -
UN Secretary-General’s Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport Welcomes New Sustainable Development Agenda
25 Sep 2015 - Summit 2015
Position Paper on Financing Sustainable Transport published at Addis Conference
30 Jul 2015 - High-level Advisory Group
UN Secretary-General’s High-Level Group to issue recommendations for advancing sustainable transport
11 Jun 2015 - Achieving new global goals and the low carbon economy
Harnessing transport investments while reducing pollutants for sustainable future
1 Dec 2014 - UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon tasked his High-level Advisory Group on Sustainable Transport
Recommendations for technology cooperation
1 Oct 2014 - General Assembly holding four dialogues
Transport and mobility essential for sustainable development
1 Oct 2014 - Informal meeting on 24 September 2014
Asian leaders embrace a vision of Zero Congestion, Zero Pollution, and Zero Accidents
1 May 2013 - Seventh Regional Environmentally Sustainable Transport (EST)
Launch of Sustainable Transport Action Network
1 Apr 2013 -