• Submitted by: Terra 1530
  • Topic: Climate change
  • Keywords: Local Action Global Impact
  • Location: Vorniceni, Moldova
  • Date of completion: 26 Mar 2013
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Deliverables & Resources


Local Public Administration; AYP "XXI Century"; "Terra-HS" etc.

Description/achievement of initiative

1. Preparation of the village citizenry, over 5,000 people, to make decisions related to environmental problems by involving them in volunteer activities such as the installation of a metallic fence surrounding the square as well as setting up an information panel, dustbins, benches, sidewalks and lamps throughout the plot;

2. Providing knowledge about Vorniceni village by distributing the "Adevarul" publication ("The Truth");

3. Posting short videos on YouTube; and

4. Holding international conferences with Romanian and Ukrainian partners to promote similar activities.

Implementation methodologies

The distribution of "Adevarul" publication will provide knowledge about all the activities for the square arrangement. A partnership will be established with local public administration, 'Secolul 21"("The 21'st Century") NGO-s, the Alliance of Moldovan Rural NGO-s and other nonprofit organizations.

Short films will be prepared and posted on YouTube that will ensure the transparency of the project. The members of the National Network of Volunteer Centers formed by "Terra 1530" will play the main roles. Before the beginning of the forestation work , set to begin in November 2013, all the necessary recommendations will be obtained from all our international experts included in the list of "Terra 1530" Association along with the representatives of the Academy of Science of the Republic of Moldova.

Our partners from Ukraine and Romania will be invited to an international conference in order to discuss and analyze the results of our activity and an international exchange of volunteers will be initiated.

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