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CSD-18 Thematic Seminar Series: Mining
9 Apr 2010
New York, USA, UNHQ, Conference Room 7 (NLB)

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Seminar Series

The CSD Secretariat launched a new and innovative Thematic Seminar Series which presents scientific and technical information on the issues under review by the Commission on Sustainable Development at its 18th and 19th sessions.

Topic Overview

While mining provides a livelihood for millions of people in developing countries, its activities have been associated with serious environmental and social impacts on communities living near extraction sites, while generating few or limited benefits to producing countries in terms of economic growth and poverty reduction.

Since 2002, major international multi-stakeholder initiatives have been launched, targeting more transparency over the revenues generated by mining activities by both companies and governments. The mining industry has also stepped up their engagement in social issues arising in mining or neighbouring communities and in corporate social and environmental responsibility (CSER) activities.

However, absence of Prior and Informed Consent (PIC) with indigenous communities, resettlements and conflicts between the mining communities and other actors are still an issue in many countries. Adequate capacities at the national and sub-national government levels for planning, dealing with companies, enforcing regulations relating to health and working safety and the environment are often lacking.

Further details in the letter of invitation/agenda.

All interested representatives from Governments, UN entities, IGOs, NGOs and other Major Groups holding a valid UN grounds pass or representing an accredited organization are welcome to participate.

For inquiries, please contact:
Tonya Vaturi
Division for Sustainable Development
phone: 212-963-4704