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Expert Group Meeting on Carbon Capture and Storage and Sustainable Development
Discussions at Commission on Sustainable Development and other forums have underlined the importance attached to carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology for climate change mitigation. CCS technology is compatible with the existing energy infrastructure and would enhance flexibility in the transition to a low-carbon future. At the same time, in some respects CCS technology remains at an early stage of development, with further R&D required. Uncertainties remain with respect to technical, economic, environmental and regulatory aspects.

This meeting represents an effort to bring together the experts from academia, industry, and government agencies working to advance our knowledge of carbon capture and storage (CCS) options. The primary objective is to elaborate and explore the contribution of CCS to sustainable development, in particular energy for sustainable development and climate change. Among the issues addressed by the EGM were:

- Economic and market issues
- Legal and regulatory frameworks for CCS
- Addressing environmental and safety concerns
- Development of CCS technologies and opportunities for technology transfer/diffusion to developing countries.

Papers presented at the meeting will in due course be made available as a publication.