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Technology Development and Transfer for Climate Change: A Survey of Activities by United Nations System Organizations
This survey provides an updated non-comprehensive overview of the range of related United Nations activities and considers some opportunities for enhancing the United Nation?s role in this critical area. The survey highlights the major efforts of United Nations system organizations, the types of activity and the extent of their coverage.

The work of many of these organizations includes a focus on the complex issue of technology development and transfer. This survey identified a wealth of ongoing initiatives, highlights of which are contained in Table 1, structured according to key themes, and elaborated in part II after the introduction of this report. These initiatives are complemented by numerous activities, which build on partnerships between United Nations organizations and collaborations with other international organizations, governments and nongovernmental entities. These joint efforts are highlighted in part III of this survey. When compiling the initiatives presented in this survey, a number of areas emerged, which could offer effective opportunities for enhancing the United Nations system?s engagement. These areas, which are further described in part IV of this survey, are briefly summarised.

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