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Science, technology and innovation crucial to transformative impact of Global Goals, UN forum hears
5 Jun 2018 -
Secretary-General appoints new Multi-Stakeholder Group to support the Technology Facilitation Mechanism
24 Apr 2018 -
UN moves to tap transformative power of science, technology and innovation to achieve Sustainable Development Goals
18 May 2017 -
As First-Ever Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology Concludes, Speakers Focus upon Refinements, Adjustability of Format
7 Jun 2016 - Multi-Stakeholder Forum, 3rd & 4th Meetings (AM & PM)
Leveraging Science, Technology Critical for Achieving Sustainable Development, Speakers Say, as Economic and Social Council Opens Multi-Stakeholder Forum
6 Jun 2016 - Multi-Stakeholder Forum, 1st & 2nd Meetings (AM & PM)
Benefits of technology and innovation must be shared with those who stand to gain most Ban
6 Jun 2016 -
Science, technology and innovation must be a vehicle for inclusion
6 Jun 2016 -
Harnessing science, technology and innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals
3 Jun 2016 -
Share questions and comments with participants at the inaugural Multi-stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the SDGs using #tech4SDGs
1 Jun 2016 -
Call for Innovations for the SDGs
5 Apr 2016 -
Secretary-General Appoints Group to Support Technology Facilitation Mechanism
29 Jan 2016 -
United Nations launches Mechanism to promote science, technology and innovation
26 Sep 2015 -
Dialogue on possible arrangements to enhance technology facilitation
1 Aug 2014 - 23 July 2014
General Assembly Dialogues on Technology Facilitation
1 May 2014 - Dialogues on 29 and 30 April
Transfer of Clean Technology to Developing Countries discussed in General Assembly
1 May 2013 -