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National Voluntary Reviews at the High-level Political Forum
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Focal point
H.E. Minister Nazem El-Khoury
Minister of Environment
Ministry of Environment
P.O. Box 11-2727
Beirut - Lebanon
Tel: +961(0)1 97 65 33
Fax: +961(0)1 97 65 33
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National Reports
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National Report - Lebanon Rio+20;

Partnerships & Commitments
The below is a listing of all partnership initiatives and voluntary commitments where Lebanon is listed as a partner in the Partnerships for SDGs online platform.
Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform

The establishment of a Mediterranean Water Knowledge Platform is a prerequisite to the development of sustainable policies for integrated water resources management and climate change adaptation. It aims to provide a common basis for the development of national water information systems in four pilot countries, and to deliver an assessment of water resources management and use (i.e., drafting of a white paper) by collecting and exploiting data of these systems. It will allow for an evaluation of best practices, joint management of transboundary resources, and follow-up on regional or sub-regio...[more]

* International Office for Water * Institut Méditerranéen de l'Eau * Euro-Mediterranean Water Information System (EMWIS) * Mediterranean Network of Basin Organisations * United Nations Environmental Programme Mediterranean Action Plan (UNEP-MAP) * Arab League Center for Water * Ministry of Water and Irrigation (Jordan) * Ministry of Energy and Water (Lebanon) * Ministry of Energy, Mines, W...[more]
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Sustainable Development Goals