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Youth Education Ambassadors Program (YEA)
Description/achievement of initiative

The Youth Education Ambassadors (YEA-Program) was established in October 2013 by a group of motivated individuals of various interests and fields of study. All team members are volunteers and invest their spare time to work on this innovative project for students, because they share a great vision: To create a world in which young people are aware of the correlation between their lives and those of other youngsters around the globe and work together to create mutual support through cultural and intellectual exchange as well as quality education (both formal and non-formal).

Implementation methodologies

Part 1: By means of intensive two to four hour labs (workshops) and various excursions, the participants acquire fundamental knowledge about current global and educationally relevant topics in the fields Environment, Human Rights and Poverty. In addition to this, they receive an extensive personality training, for example in project management and rhetoric skills.Part 2: The students have the possibility of implementing their new skills in a partner organization in Austria, abroad or in their own projects.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

United for Education and Sustainable Futures (UESF) is an independent nonprofit NGO based in Vienna, Austria, which mobilizes resources to implement educational and developmental projects around the world. UESF was founded in September 2011 and has been working on several projects since then, although the majority of the team are working on the Youth Education Ambassadors – YEA Program. UESF believes that empowering people by providing them access to adequate education will eventually ensure equal opportunities for everyone regardless of gender, origin and status and thus contribute to more sustainable societies. As a non-profit association, UESF relies solely on volunteer work, donations and sponsorship from the public and private sector. UESF is open to cooperating with other local, municipal, national, regional or international organizations and UN institutions to ensure its activities bear fruitful results.


United for Education and Sustainable Futures (UESF)
Progress reports
Goal 4
Goal 10
June 2016
Students (aged 14-18) will gain experience in local and international partner organizations
March 2016
Students (aged 14-18) will gain knowledge on topics such as poverty, sustainable development, human rights, and environment
Staff / Technical expertise
Each UESF team member is working as a volunteer

Basic information
Time-frame: November 2015 - September 2016
United for Education and Sustainable Futures (UESF)
Contact information
Jelena Caculovic, Ms., jelena.caculovic@yea-program.org
United Nations