Developing a sustainable management system
Description/achievement of initiative

Help companies with the tools and expertise they need to develop their commitment to CSR policies, we help consolidate corporate culture through innovation and promote dialogue between stakeholders.

Implementation methodologies

In order to Shape the way businesses think and behave, Every company's operations have an impact on people and the environment. Our goal is to help businesses understand what those impacts are, and to implement strategies to transform them into positive impacts. Good CSR means taking a responsible, ethical approach to business, going beyond minimum legal requirements and acting in the best interests of wider society. Codethic puts sustainable development at the heart of business!
Value proposal CSR fits in each and every department and activities. With Codethic 26000, its added value can be quantified, measured and helps to:

Initiate stakeholder dialogue in order to understand their needs and expectations Improve corporate culture and be an employer of choice Innovate in order to develop new products in order to attract new customers Succeed at public tenders in order to gain market share Meet consumer expectations Gain competitive advantage and stay ahead of regulations Reduce operating costs by improving resource management efficiency Identify risks in order to make the right strategic decisions Access financial liquidity and foster investors' confidence Show transparency in order to avoid reputation damage.

Codethic 26000 program set out to create an enterprise-wide program for companies of all sizes to address the seven key areas of CSR activity, as outlined in the ISO 26000 guidelines for CSR. These are: Organisational governance / Human rights / Labour practices / Environment / Fair operating practices / Consumer issues / Community involvement and development issues.

Codethic 26000 program provides in fine a CSR certification and the standard is accredited by a private standardization organization. Companies can select one of the four application levels « Conformity, Advanced, Master or Excellence » according to its maturity, resources and the objectives set during the initial assessment. We deal directly with clients on a consultative basis and our approach is based on a systematic self-evaluation methods. Assessment and control processes are completed electronically through our on-line platform that provides reporting and that includes a knowledge base and training modules. Each client has a secure access to his own data. In our activities, Codethic is supported by an International Experts Committee of professionals who advise and offer consultancy on all aspects of CSR strategies and business ethics.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

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Progress reports
To implement more than 100 CSR management systems in 10 differents sector. Deliver training to help companies to lead sustainable change.

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Time-frame: - 2013
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http://WWW.CODETHIC.COM, COO, jnormand@codethic.com
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