Youth Peace Ambassador Human Rights Learning International Internship
Description/achievement of initiative

Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit offers international expert youth internship on higher learning and education in the areas of peace and security, sustainable development, indigenous issues, millennium development goals,climate change and human rights. Human Affect's expert "Youth Peace Ambassador" International Internships equips each graduate with an expert implementation initiative that surrounds their special skill, education and development. Upon completion their implementation becomes an international pilot sustainability commitment that they utilize to reach their human rights based career goals that in turn, usher in a holistic sustainable culture of peace

Implementation methodologies

"YEWMBA " Ye Ethiopia WiyenMahber Be Alem in Partnership with Human Affect Ad Hoc Unit on Human Rights Learning Through Art, Athletics and Science commit to training 1000 youth (with a primary focus on Africa) in the expert area of Human Rights Learning as Peace Workers and Sustainable Development Implementation Initiators. YEWMBA, being a Afro centered NGO, has committed to initiating the Human Affect Human Rights Learning mechanism or training African Urban, rural and indigenous peoples.


Human Affect AD HOC UNIT "Human Rights Learning Through Art, Athletics and Science". Please visit for a full list of partners.
Deliverable Date
Training Began USA 2009
Training Began in Africa 2011
Training will begin in Europe 2013
YEWMBA International Sustainable University to open in Ethiopia 2017
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
In-kind contribution International Contributions from supporters
Staff / Technical expertise Data/Statistics, Human Rights Experts, Diplomacy, Family Medicine, HIV/Aids Awareness, Journalism, Economic Development, Policy Development, Avocation, Lobbying, Events Organization and Coordination, Professor's, Peace Keepers, Yogi's, Executive Assistant
Other, please specify Events, Forums, Conferences
Other, please specify Raise 30,000,000 million for University

Negussie Teshome Dejenie, Sandra Nelson Zongo, International President, Administrative President,,,

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