YEWMBA's Human Affect Sustainable Peace Cities
Description/achievement of initiative

YEWMBA Economic, Social and Ecological Sustainable City goals will be achieved through the development of an inclusive social network of interacting higher learning, women economic development networking centers, international indigenous preservation facility, ecological conservation centers, holistic agriculture food sovereignty farms and animal protection society.

Implementation methodologies

Fully functioning, rights based, economic, social, ecological, environmental sustainable peace cities that empower long term vitality through an epicenter for Women's Economic Empowerment, Youth Learning/Education, career development and Indigenous sustainable networks. These Traditional knowledge based Peace Cities, where ones Sovereign Rights are honored and respected within authentic Democratic Communities, embody a moral and ethical principal foundation based on respect and honor for humanity and planet mother earth reconcliation.


Ye Ethiopia Wiyen Mahber Be Alem "YEWMBA" formerly "Ethiopian World Federation", Human Affect, Long House Treaty Nations, Olmeut Sky, ACDI, ONNA and Kenna Group.
Deliverable Date
Secured Land 2007
Secured National Support 2009
Secure Development Contracts 2012/13
Secure Funding and Begin Building 2014/2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
In-kind contribution Ongoing Fund raising from organization leaders and partners
Financing (in USD) $60,000,000
Staff / Technical expertise International Team of Holistic Friendly Sustainable Technicians have been identified
Other, please specify We will utilize natural indigenous knowledge based learning and education, holistic/sustainable development practices, expertise long term responsible solutions and partner national labor actore as a foundational principle to find responsible, sustainable

Sandra Nelson or Nigussie Teshome Dejenie, Administrative President or International President,,

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