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Joint Commitment for Climate Transparency and Disclosure
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A subset of Caring for Climate companies commit to additional transparency and disclosure actions with respect to climate, intended to elevate the role of reporting, transparency, and disclosure.

Implementation methodologies

By actively engaged stakeholder groups and communicate the Greenhouse Gas Emissions. For further information, Please refer to the deliverables.

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UN Global Compact and UNEP
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Finally, we recognize the importance of elevating awareness of our efforts and results to reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency, both internally and externally, to support the consideration of these issues at the highest strategic level and in mainstream financial analysis. Therefore we commit to communicate our greenhouse gas emissions data and climate change initiatives to a broad stakeholder audience, including mainstream investors, and to integrate this information within our annual financial reports and other appropriate corporate and investor communications platforms.
Additionally we recognize that our influence extends beyond the operations that we control directly, to the supply chain partners with whom we do business and to the customers, consumers, and communities that use our products and services. Therefore we commit to actively engage these stakeholder groups , calculate and report the greenhouse gas emissions along our value chains (including product carbon footprints, if relevant) and work collaboratively on initiatives that reduce these impacts to the shared benefit of all stakeholders.
The undersigned companies recognize the increasing importance of transparent, relevant, and verifiable greenhouse gas emissions data in furthering understanding of the corporate sector's global impacts and its role in developing leading solutions to the challenge of building a low carbon and climate-resilient economy. Therefore we commit to calculate our greenhouse gas according to widely accepted corporate greenhouse gas emissions accounting standards , set targets and report on progress on both absolute and intensity metrics, report the results on an annual basis, and submit results for independent third-party review on a periodic basis.

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Time-frame: - 2012
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