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Promoting Equality Through Awareness in Schools
Description/achievement of initiative

The Association of Professional Women Engineers of Nigeria is a catalyst for the advancement of women in the engineering profession towards national and global technological development. They continuously increase awareness that science, technology, engineering and mathematics STEM, is also a career for girls and encourage women to achieve excellence. They have organised programmes and career talks to generate interest in STEM. The early intervention and strategy to promote equality through awareness will be an extension of this programme. It would also create awareness and propagate the understanding of science, technology, innovation and its effect on the sustainable development agenda.

Implementation methodologies

• APWEN and partners will direct, lead and manage the initiative of the awareness programme on equality to promote gender equity, behaviour change, diversity and inclusion particularly focused on school children and relevant groups with the purpose to institutionalise sustainable equality models. They will be accountable for formulation, design, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluation of the programme to ensure overall efficiency and effectiveness of the programme management, delivery and accomplishment of programme goals and objectives.
• Create awareness and propagate the understanding of science, technology, innovation and its effect on the sustainable development agenda through organised programmes and talks to primary and secondary schools, undergraduate students, relevant groups etc. APWEN will collaborate with partners to ensure development of effective communication materials and strategies to support SDG initiatives on gender equality and advocacy.
• Strengthening partnership: Support the Government of Nigeria to develop and implement a strategy for providing awareness and importance of equality to all Nigerian schools; Promoting general knowledge of global human rights and gender issues, specifically relating to children and women equality; Mobilising legislators to formulate and enact laws promoting gender equity and children’s rights.
• APWEN will produce periodic update through accurate and complete monitoring and evaluation, and the timely preparation of reports.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

• Capacity building and training: This involves providing training to increase the knowledge of school pupils, parents/ teachers associations, women and youth groups, as well as other relevant groups. In designing and delivering its training activities, APWEN will utilise concept learning through presentations, workshops and trainings by experts and experience sharing through discussions and panels.
• Capacity building of partners through promoting knowledge management and sharing of new initiatives.
• Provide support to policy reforms for long-term sustainability of initiatives and lobby for strengthening of technology practices. Promote existing as well as developing scientific, technological, professional and related capacities.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The strength of APWEN lies in its parent body, The Nigerian Society of Engineers and the Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria. It also has extensive outreach and networks to international professional associations. APWEN has over the years been able to foster relationships with international and local partners as well as financial sponsors. It is well represented in every state in Nigeria. This structure will support knowledge sharing and capacity development.


Nigerian Society of Engineers, Federal Government of Nigeria
Progress reports
Goal 4
Goal 5
December 2016
Partnerships forged with national and state governments in support of the SDGs implementation
December 2030
Capacity building and trainings on science, technology, innovation and its effect on the sustainable development agenda
December 2030
Sustainable equality knowledge through complete empowerment
June 2016
To establish coordination centres through APWEN state branches
In-kind contribution
Affiliated networks and partners
Staff / Technical expertise
Design of Workshops and Trainings
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Basic information
Time-frame: February/2016 - December/2030
Nigerian Society of Engineers, Federal Government of Nigeria
Contact information
May Sule, Dr, maysule@yahoo.com
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