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Another Life for Asylum-Seekers (Powered by AIESEC)
Description/achievement of initiative

This project enables NGOs and students to better understand and take action regarding the inflow of refugees struggling to make a decent living in Turkey. Eight trainees will be working to raise awareness through media and will be creating projects and initiatives together with university students. Partner NGOs will help us analyse the issue better and create concrete work for university students. AIESEC will be carrying out the management and providing human resources necessary for the project.

Implementation methodologies

Interns will communicate with and, if possible, interview some refugees under the guidance of the NGO. They will also create a social-media campaign to raise awareness about the situation of the refugees, and will attempt to provide solutions to the refugees’ problems. Interns are also expected to guide university students through workshops and interviews to empower students to create new projects related to the issue. They will also launch a project competition and come up with creative ways to raise awareness among university students. Interns will evaluate the projects and hold a seminar in the university to sum up the project and evaluate the impact of their work. The NGOs will provide the best conditions for interviews and interaction of refugees and interns which is planned to be in a community development center of partner NGO. They will help interns with promotion and workshop content. The university will be allowing and helping us with offline and online promotion within the university and support us with the seminar.Two team of AIESEC members are managing and making preparations for all projects, which will be organized in December 2015 and January 2016. Team leaders of these teams are responsible of approaching NGOs and gaining partners for this project. We are currently in contact with two potential partners and we expect to have the agreement soon. For the university part of the project we already had agreed with one private university, with whom we are having meetings on a regular basis to talk about the details of the project. We have also one project manager who is a professor in the university and who will help and guide us through the whole process. A detailed job description of the project's six weeks is ready, and we are still in the preparation process of materials. Four members are working on finding international volunteers to work for the project and reception process, which aims to provide legal documentation and accommodation to international volunteers. Once we have agreed on the details of this project with NGOs, we will upload the project form to our website and we expect to find suitable candidates to be international volunteers in our project.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

In the first week interns will receive an incoming preparation seminar and they will have weekly experience-tracking meetings. We will have meetings with one of our local partners, which is a consultancy firm, to give interns some coaching and presentation training as well as guidance from partner NGO. Moreover we are planning to hold marketing training for interns. We will enable NGOs to use more social media to raise awareness by the work of our interns.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The role of AIESEC is to provide the human resources for the project by bringing international trainees to work on the project. AIESEC will also manage the relationship between all stakeholders. AIESEC develops the leadership potential of youth through experiential learning, volunteer experiences and professional internships, enabling both employers and organisations to connect with a global network of talent. This project is part of AIESEC’s initiative to implement the Sustainable Development Goals. This project will be showcased at the AIESEC Youth Action Summit at the U.N. Headquarters in New York City in December 2015 (more information here: Through these projects, AIESEC is educating all involved stakeholders and their social networks about the importance of the goals to the global development agenda.


* AIESEC in Turkey * AIESEC in Istanbul * Sabancı University (a private university in İstanbul) * Koç University Migration Research Center * Support to Life Association
Updates to initiatives
Goal 1
Goal 8
Goal 10
January 2016
Empower students to form a student club in the university to help refugees
January 2016
Raise awareness among 250 university students about the refugee situation
In-kind contribution
Accommodation is provided to international volunteers
Other, please specify
USD 500 is provided as aid from Sabancı University

This initiative fulfils the SMART criteria.
Basic information
Time-frame: 01/2015 - 12/2015
* AIESEC in Turkey * AIESEC in Istanbul * Sabancı University (a private university in İstanbul) * Koç University Migration Research Center * Support to Life Association
Contact information
Ecenaz Göze, Vice President of Incoming Global Community Development Programme AIESEC in Istanbul,
United Nations