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Sudanese Civil Society Forum for SDGs
Description/achievement of initiative

This Forum consists of around 300 CSOs to make the needed awareness raising and advocacy through all parts of the country -Sudan, in direct collaboration with the government responsible body, to train and work on the implementation of the SDGs. The Forum will coordinate with the different concerned stakeholders within the country and abroad. Although, the country is lagging behind in the implementation of the MDGs, the intention is to prioritize the gaps to reach the utmost possible outcomes. Youth, women, marginalized communities will be consulted on all the stages and encouraged to own and work to- reach the outputs.

Implementation methodologies

- Building of data base of most of the CSOs, NGOs and CBOs concerned with SDGs- Formation of the Sudanese CSOs' Forum for SDGs.- Coordinate with the government authorized body responsible on the SDGs.- Seek and encourage the participation of the private sector.- Advocacy and awareness raising through the year 2016- Running of local surveys to pinpoint the priorities in each area - Identification and agreement on the priorities for each area.- Training of CSOs, NGOs, CBOs and relevant governmental bodies at the national and states levels on the SDGs in collaboration with the Sudanese National Council for Population.- Working on collaborative implementation with all the stakeholders.- Planning a follow-up, monitoring and evaluation system to reach the different indicators.- Year by year to follow the implementation progress and adjust the indicators and the outputs of the SDGs.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

- Formation of the Forum and building of the CSOs, NGOs and CBOs data base which states the different areas of the organizations and their concerns with the SDGs.- Preparation of training guide. - Consultation with the local, international and UN agencies on the needs and the different arrangements for training.- Conducting of training of trainers and other levels of trainings to the different targeted groups.- Through the years there will be updating to the different methodologies and approaches.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Sudanese CSOs, NGOs and CBOs working in the fields of SDGs in collaboration with the Sudanese National Council for Population
Progress reports
Goal 17
2019- 2021
Trainings on Follow up , monitoring and evaluation for implementors
Every 5 years period
Writting shadow reports
Feb.2016 - Dec.2016
Formation of the Forum,Development of the training manual and training of trainers. Awareness raising
Jan.2017- Dec2018
Awareness raising for students in the universities, parlimentarians, executive autorities in the different areas
Staff / Technical expertise
From the different stakeholders and CSOs contributions
Other, please specify
Unidentified up to now. It will the contribution of the CSOs, governmental, private sector and UN agencies
In-kind contribution
Use of Media, planning priotorization

Basic information
Time-frame: February 2016 - December 2030
Sudanese CSOs, NGOs and CBOs working in the fields of SDGs in collaboration with the Sudanese National Council for Population
Contact information
Dr. Yousif Alzubair, Coordinator of the Sudanese Civil Society Forum for SDGs, noudyone@hotmail.com
United Nations