KEDGE - Bordeaux Campus (ex BEM)
Description/achievement of initiative

- To incorporate Responsibility into all teaching programmes
- To publish an annual progress report (SIP) describing our CSR strategy and initiatives
- To engage in an awareness-raising and action initiative aimed at promoting eco-friendly transport practices.
- To be involved in CSR professional, academic and association networks, at both international and national level.

Implementation methodologies

In 2010-2011, faculty members embarked on a reflection process which led to the development of a module dedicated to raising awareness to CSR and responsible management. Referring explicitly to the six Global Compact principles, it is designed as a gateway to the existing CSR-related teaching content (1162 hours). This module will be run in all BEM programmes over a minimum of 15 hours. It has already been scheduled into six curiculums. Also, CSR-related teaching content, number and type of CSR publications, cultural and social diversity, solidarity-based initiatives, awareness on eco-responsible behaviours, campus carbon footprint. In 2009, 52 PEFC-certified bicycle racks were installed on the campus, thus doubling the former capacity. Since 2009, BEM has been hosting the first car-sharing station on the Bordeaux campus: this station is available to BEM students and staff, as well as to the general public. Finally we will participate in: Global Compact, PRiME, Conférence des Grandes Ecoles, Responsible Campus initiative BEM also enters into formal agreements with regional and national companies for CSR-related research, consultancy or training purposes (Auchan, Suez / Lyonnaise des Eaux)
Deliverable Date
Annual Progress Reports (SIPs) 2013
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff committed to sustainability

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
JC Carteron, CSR Director,

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Thomas Froehlicher
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