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- The EME Awareness Day of sustainable development concept
- Extracurricular activities
- Educational projects in strong collaboration with teachers and external actors: RIO +20
- Sustainable development on the Ker Lann Campus : to develop a network of people, to share experience
- Agenda 21 : a collective and transverse project to structure SD within our institution

Implementation methodologies

Teaching is a continuous challenge to take up especially making sure the students have really understood sustainable development values. Our graduate school of Environmental Management and Engineering called Ecole des Métiers de l Environnement works assiduously thanks to a panel of means : teaching methods and programs, management, research projects, involvement with other French and foreign graduate schools, etc.

The aim is to help students to become responsible citizens in their everyday life as well as in their future job. Nevertheless, to manage to do that, our school ensures that both teachers and administrative employees set the example by sharing these values.

Below, some examples of actions which are currently being carried out and which will be pursued through the year 2015 are described.

- The EME “Awareness Day” of sustainable development concept

The special EME SD – Awareness Day allows all new students to become aware of the implementation context of sustainable development and to appropriate this concept, its global and local stakes, the environmental regulations, the decisions and positions that have marked the past two decades since the Brundtland Report. The presence of sustainable development issues in their daily life is brought up thanks to discussion with the staff of our School and also with external stakeholders (companies, local authorities, associations, REFEDD (French students network of sustainable development), graduate schools of engineering and management, etc…). One of the aims of this SD-Day is to set aside the aspect of the training courses in order to focus on the necessity to take into account continually the development objectives and dimensions of SD at all levels. Furthermore, fourth and fifth year students who are already enrolled in our engineering School contribute to the organization of this special SD-Day for their new school friends.

- Extracurricular activities

Since 2011 the extracurricular projects undertaken in the framework of the EME student associations have been the subject of discussion between staff and the head of sustainable development about projects concerning sustainable development stakes and aspects: how to catch the attention of students in the whole school or in the specific associations? How to apply for grants ? Are our actions environmentally-friendly? Is our project innovative and original?

- Educational projects in strong collaboration with teachers and external actors: RIO +20

Taking sustainable development into account in our daily lives also requires the involvement of students on current events. Rio + 20 is an opportunity for our School to make students think about the future: beyond the conditions of professional integration after graduation what changes would they like to see come true? To bring out the expression of the dreams of this generation for the planet, they have begun to question their European partners of universities in the framework of the Erasmus exchanges. This educational project is led with the “cahiers de l'imaginaire”, a media on art and creation which spreads the values of sustainable development through creative methodologies. This project is carried out through a participative approach to show students the importance of exchanges using collective intelligence. They identified six work areas on which they will also compare their propositions to experts: biodiversity, energy, planned obsolescence, drought/water, waste and wealth distribution.

- Sustainable development on the Ker Lann Campus : to develop a network of people, to share experience

Our school has seized the opportunity to develop a sustainable development approach in association with other existing education institutions on the campus of Ker Lann in order to share good practices and get feedback. This gathering ensures that each institution improves their sustainability alone and collectively. A steering committee has been in place since May 2009. It combines higher education Schools and local communities to organize common projects. Student life on the Ker Lann campus, the biodiversity conservation and water quality ponds protection, the energy performance of buildings, mobility between the campus and the nearby cities of Rennes and Bruz are all issues that are raised and discussed collectively.

- Agenda 21 : a collective and transverse project to structure SD within our institution

In order to communicate the values of sustainable development to our students, the whole staff of our school must also show the way. Thus, Agenda 21, the name given to our planned actions to promote sustainable development, has been established with the participation of all the staff (administrative, technical, teachers, and students) in order to better articulate the continuous improvement actions to be implemented. Actions have been expressed and are expressed and specified by the students and staff to improve their working environment and campus life. Thematic workshops are held regularly to move ahead on various topics, at different levels promoted by the head of our School, qualifying concretely the concept of sustainable development : beehive installation, energetic performance diagnosis, methodologies of environmental performance assessment taking into account research activities, evolution of teaching practices (lectures on sustainable development with different teachers of the EME, lecture organized by students during the National Environment Week, etc.).

On the top of that, for three years, our employees have met once a year during one day to visit an industrial site which are environmentally and socially involved to discuss topics such as waste water treatment, waste sorting with the plant manager and/or the staff. It is also a good opportunity to discuss both sustainable development management and the implementation of the actions defined in our agenda 21 in the current year. It encourages friendly exchanges between people. So, this leads people who are already convinced and the most motivated to bring others into this project. This dynamic group which is in accordance with our school ethic contributes also to broaden the open-mindedness of members and to increase the staff awareness of the advantages and the limits of such a participative approach.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

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Ecole des Métiers de l’Environnement
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Location: Bruz, France
Date of completion: 2015
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