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Description/achievement of initiative

ID4Africa is a movement that aims to help African nations achieve the objectives of SDG 16.9 by facilitating exchange of knowledge and expertise related to digital identity and promoting the development of principles and standards derived from real world experience in Africa.

Implementation methodologies

This is an initiative concerned with knowledge transfer and experience sharing related to digital identity and their implications to SDG 16.9. As such it is about diffusion of knowledge that is generated through various methods of engagement. The primary method will be the Annual Meeting, which will be held each year in a different African City. In addition there is a frequent newsletter, and quarterly and annual reports that are distributed to the constituency of the movement. The movement provides financial support to enable African delegates to attend and it never charges for registration fees for African government delegates or those from international development agencies. It is financed by the private sector.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Concurrent with the annual assembly, ID4Africa runs a host of Workshops and an exposition. These are intended to help build capacity within the African identity authorities related to identity expertise. In 2016 ID4Africa is running 6 workshops.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

The movement holds an Annual Event each year in a different African city. This year the event will be held in Kigali, Rwanda, May 24-26, 2016. The inaugural event was held in June 2015 in Dar es Salaam Tanzania and it brought together over 300 delegates from throughout Africa. The 2016 event has over 600 delegates registered representing 35 African nations.


ID4Africa World Bank Group UNDP French Development Agency UNECA African Union Commission African Development Bank .. for a complete list see
Identification in Africa 2016 -- Survey
ID4Africa Forum 2016
Annual Report
Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Goal 16
16.9 - By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration
Resources devoted to implementation
Other, please specify
Expertise of a team of identification experts that help to build capacity and train African identity authorities
Progress reports
Cut off date each year: 1 May
This initiative fulfils the SMART criteria.
Location: Throughout Africa
Date of completion: Annual
Operating in countries
Contact information/focal point(s)
Margaret Van Cleve,

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