Dow Partnership with Habitat for Humanity
Description/achievement of initiative

Dow and Habitat for Humanity have partnered together in the US since 1983, and internationally since 1993, to provide safe & affordable housing to low-income families in communities around the world. Every year Dow contributes to both the annual Jimmy Carter Work Project and community builds.

Implementation methodologies

Dow provides staff financial, volunteers, product contributions, and home sponsorship.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Dow and Habitat for Humanity work in partnership to identify needs (i.e. building supplies, monetary contributions, etc.) and deliver safe & affordable homes.


The Dow Chemical Company & Habitat for Humanity
Progress reports
Goal 11
Begin builds in new countries. i.e. Australia, Kenya, Romania, Cote D'Ivoire
In-kind contribution
Dow provides in-kind contributions such as Styrofoam insulation and Weathermate housewraps, among many more
Staff / Technical expertise
Dow staff members volunteer around the globe on Habitat for Humanity Builds

Basic information
Time-frame: 1983 - Ongoing
The Dow Chemical Company & Habitat for Humanity
Contact information
Lisa Schroeter, Communications Lead, LMSchroeter@dow.com
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