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Dandelion Program
Description/achievement of initiative

The Dandelion Program is an employment and work experience program that builds careers for people on the autism spectrum. Goals of the program:- Assisting individuals to build the necessary skills – technical, life and executive functioning - Focusing on building careers for individuals, not just jobs- Educating the workplace in neurodiversity- Training team leads and managers in leading and managing people with autism

Implementation methodologies

The program uses a two pronged approach:- Assisting individuals to build the necessary skills to enable them to succeed in the workplace - Educating people in the workplace to help them make the necessary changes to support the success of the program.Implementation objectives:- Establish a community- Provide access to open sourced Dandelion Program methodology and tools through Cornell University & La Trobe University – at no cost- Develop a ‘Dandelion Roadmap’ for organizations wanting to participate- Assist in educating and training your human resource / talent management staff- Provide access to university students that participate in the Dandelion work experience program.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

The collaboration is focusing on these initial areas:1. Creation of information assets that will help raise awareness of the value of Neurodiversity in the workplace 2. Collaborate in the creation of cross-company common training curriculums to hire and retain autistic people3. Exchange experiences in the areas of sourcing, training, hiring, work experience programs and retaining individuals in the autism spectrum4. Investigate other barriers to employment for autistic people such as industry accreditation courses 5. Participate in information sharing sessions at the World Economic Forum, Davos, UN events and at annual summits for employers, governments and community groups.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Principles of the program:- Empowering individuals to control their work life and build resilience- Supporting teams in focusing on individuals - Working closely with program clients to create and maintain an inclusive environment- Respecting the autism community, including carers- Valuing neurodiversity and leveraging it to add capability.The Dandelion Program will establish a community and work group of like minded leaders and organisation to drive the program forward.


DXC Technology, La Trobe University, Australian Federal Government, Cornell University
Progress reports
Goal 8
Goal 10
Opening sourcing the Dandelion Program methodology and tools
Establishing a community group and movement
Establishment of collaboration with SAP and Specialisterne at the UN World Autism Day
Publishing research in regards to employment of people with autism
In-kind contribution
Co-funding the establishment of e-market place for autistic people to find jobs in Australia
In-kind contribution
Development of organisation methodology and tools to be more inclusive to neuro-diveristy
In-kind contribution
Funding the evidence based research on the employment of autistic people

Basic information
Time-frame: 09/2014 - 09/2020
DXC Technology, La Trobe University, Australian Federal Government, Cornell University
Contact information
Michael Fieldhouse, Social Impact Practice Leader, michael.fieldhouse@dxc.com
United Nations