Commitment 2030 Fund
Description/achievement of initiative

FeelGood is a youth-led movement leveraging the power of social enterprise to mobilize resources, invite investment, and inspire support for the Global Goals. Through hands-on training, an online engagement platform, and peer-to-peer education we increase our skills and develop self-efficacy as changemakers. We raise money and awareness for the end of extreme poverty by organizing grilled cheese delis and special events. Every dollar is invested in FeelGood’s Commitment 2030 Fund, comprised of organizations that mobilize self-reliant action, address gender inequality, forge partnerships with local government and organizations, embrace environmentally sustainable practices, and have a proven track record for success.

Implementation methodologies

FeelGood has consciously developed curriculum for students. A chapter starts by applying for the Launchpad, a process that prepares students for leading a chapter community and enterprise. The Launchpad and subsequent educational opportunities are posted on our own integrated learning platform Cheese World. Cheese World houses FeelGood’s Labs and invites students to gain valuable leadership & entrepreneurial skills, engage in conversations about global citizenship, the Global Goals, and the interconnectedness of both our challenges and solutions. To support in the entire program, each chapter has a designated Changemaker Ignitor, a FeelGood alumna/us who provides support and advisement in the realm of social enterprise, team dynamics, and leadership. Each chapter is responsible for raising money for the Commitment 2030 Fund. Chapters are responsible for the success of their social enterprise. They can earn investment capital through their action taken on Cheese World to support their endeavors. The success of their fundraising is not only dependent on their operations, but on their ability to empower a community of young people who are committed to the end of extreme poverty by 2030. Chapters recruit members from their campus community and instill FeelGood values. Because of the nature of college - constant transitions - chapters elect new leadership teams on an annual basis.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

FeelGood was lead for ten years by the original co-founders and thoroughly staffed until last year, when some structural changes were implemented. After 2014, we recognized that we needed to be more appropriately sized. Starting in 2015 FeelGood appointed a Board of Directors made up of students, alumni, and industry experts to help guide and manage FeelGood. This active volunteer Board of Directors has helped FeelGood remain committed to equipping college youth with the tools to end poverty by 2030 while staying conservative with our spending. Our chapter support network is staffed by 16 volunteer alumni Changemaker Ignitors, a dedicated group who nurture chapters and motivate chapter leaders. These structural changes came at a time where the original executive directors were engaging in another initiative and thus moved out of their role of direct governance of FeelGood. Any changes that have been made were made with the observation of what is needed and what felt good. We wanted to be able to honor our investors and our chapters with the amount of funding we received and the amount of money raised. This shift has brought in a new era of FeelGood leaders, many of them students and alumni, who are deeply committed to making FeelGood a sustainable and successful venture.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

FeelGood is governed by a 12 person Board of Directors consisting of students and alumni of the program and industry experts. The Board of Directors works with FeelGood staff to run programs, support chapters, grow the movement, and organize events. There are several committees, chaired by board members, each designed specifically to address FeelGood’s priorities. Committees include Program Development, Education, Chapter Recruitment, Community and Culture, the Commitment 2030 Fund, Fundraising, FeelGood4Life (our alumni association), Communications, Finance, and Executive & Governance. Like the board itself, committee members are dedicated students, alumni, staff, and industry experts.


FeelGood The Hunger Project Water For People Pachamama Alliance CHOICE Humanitarian
Progress reports
Goal 1
Goal 2
Goal 3
Goal 4
Goal 5
Goal 6
Goal 8
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Goal 16
Raise $115,000 for the end of poverty by 2030
Engage more than 600+ members in active chapters with FeelGood curriculum and social enterprise knowledge to raise money
Sustain 33 active chapters across the US and Canada
End of poverty by 2030
Financing (in USD)
1,800,000 USD

Basic information
Time-frame: 01/2005 - 12/2030
FeelGood The Hunger Project Water For People Pachamama Alliance CHOICE Humanitarian
Contact information
Rachel Hemmerstein, Acting Executive Director, rachel@feelgood.org
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