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Youth for Global Goals
Description/achievement of initiative

Youth 4 Global Goals (Youth4GG) is an initiative that aims to activate young people to contribute towards the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also referred to as the Global Goals and Agenda 2030. Activating youth will happen in three stages: Awareness, Understanding and Action. The simple framework allows organizations from different sectors to identify entry-points in working with youth around the SDGs. The core of the initiative is to drive action by young people to create a better world, and move beyond the traditional role in advocacy.

Implementation methodologies

Activating youth will happen in three stages: Awareness, Understanding and Action Awareness: we consider a young person is aware of the SDGs when he/she knows a) there are 17 Goals and b) they are due by 2030 - Social media campaigns; AIESEC's Outgoing Preparation Seminar (+10k youth), AIESEC's incoming Global Volunteer projects Understanding: the person is considered to understand an SDG when she/he knows a) the target of one SDG and b) how to contribute to it - AIESEC's Youth Speak Forum, SDG Curriculum, AIESEC's Incoming Preparation Seminar Action: we consider that a person takes action if he/she is actively contributing to SDG through daily actions/projects - SDG Ambassador program, Asia Pacific Youth Exchange, AIESEC's Global Volunteer projects Goals for Asia and the Pacific: 1) Awareness - 10 million 2) Understanding - 15k 3) Action - 10k

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

SDG curriculum - There were crated 1-2 activities per SDGs to be taught at schools, separated by elementary, middle and high school curriculums SDG Ambassador program - Ambassador program that aims to inspire youth, educators and others to engage youth in their communities (school, friends, youth CSOs, etc) to be aware of the SDGs (check definition above) Youth Action Mapper - Development of a youth action platform which aims to connect all SDG-related opportunities (projects, short volunteering opportunities, among others) into one single platform UN Volunteers - Engagement of youth through UN's online volunteering platform for short tasks related to research, design and translation

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Youth4GG is an initiative powered by AIESEC - world's largest student-run organization in the world -, with a global team based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, focused on engaging global partners (ADB, PwC, UN Habitat, etc); driving global marketing campaigns; development strategies for Measurement of Impact (MoI) and supporting AIESEC entities (+128 countries and territories) to implement the framework. The goal is to have 100% AIESEC operations - intercultural project-based exchanges - aligned with the SDGs. ADB Youth For Asia hosts a team of 15 young individuals working towards including youth as partners in development, directly involving youth into ADB projects. This team has a sub-team of 3 youth focused on mobilizing youth towards the SDGs across Asia and the Pacific in a big synergy with AIESEC entities in the region, facilitating partnerships with other organizations (AYLA, Scouts, VSO, etc) and direct support to AIESEC local entities on Designing and Monitoring Framework understanding and implementation, incentives creation, etc.


AIESEC, Asian Development Bank, AYLA, Urban Youth Academy, Plan International
Progress reports
Goal 4
Goal 17
Measurement - Development of measurement system to track our goals
SDG Curriculum - Online toolkit for implementation and guidance
Social Media - 'Youth Against Global Goals' Campaign
Ambassador program - implementation in at least 10 Asian countries
Financing (in USD)
10,000 USD
Staff / Technical expertise
Advertisement/Marketing agency to design and implement online and offline campaigns
Other, please specify
Schools and Universities as pilots to implement the SDG curriculum and SDG awareness sessions
Staff / Technical expertise
Support of ADB to implement the Design and Monitoring Framework (DMF) for AIESEC's Global Volunteer projects

Basic information
Time-frame: January/2016 - June/2016
AIESEC, Asian Development Bank, AYLA, Urban Youth Academy, Plan International
Contact information
Mariana Silva, Ms., msilva.consultant@adb.org
United Nations