ICN Business School Nancy- Metz
Description/achievement of initiative

- Reinforce the School's governance gender balance by the end of the 2011-2016 ICN strategic plan. This will be achieved by increasing the female membership on the Board of Governors, the Strategic Orientation Committee and the Executive Committee.
- Deepen the joint solidarity project set up in the autumn of 2010 by the three Schools in the Artem-Nancy alliance: « Cordée Artem-Nancy: facing the future together », to help and tutor students from the underprivileged areas of Lorraine Region, as identified in the city's Urban Strategy, to access a program of excellence.
- Reduce its carbon footprint

Implementation methodologies

- Integrate CSR and Sustainable Development point of view in all courses taught at ICN.
- Promote academic and applied research on sustainable development and CSR through among others two chairs in « Art and Sustainable Enterprise and Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation.


ICN Business School Nancy- Metz
Deliverable Date
Deepen the joint solidarity project:« Cordée Artem-Nancy: facing the future together » 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Jean Claude Grass, Director General, jean-claude.grass@icn-groupe.fr

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Jean Claude Grass- Director General
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