The KIA Green Light Project Initiative
Description/achievement of initiative

'The KIA Green Light Project Initiative' is designed to promote the rights of people to education and health while boosting the self-reliance of local communities. We aspire to offer a variety of opportunities to those living in communities plagued by many constraints and limitations. We continue to expand our activities designed to achieve our initiatives by selecting new beneficiaries every year.

Implementation methodologies

To achieve the initiative, we work in three ways: 1. We establish a base by building infrastructure for education, health and self-reliance. We build schools, healthcare centers and vehicle repair training centers. We also provide equipment to ensure quality education, medical care, and vocational training. Through our base, we conduct awareness-raising education programs, health screenings, infection prevention campaigns, and job competency development programs with the purposes of providing local communities with basic medical and health services and strengthening their self-sufficiency. 2. We provide opportunities to people with limited access to diverse services through our mobile facilities. We run mobile libraries, mobile clinics and mobile maintenance service vehicles that visit villages for on-site education and training and medical services. To improve the effectiveness of education and health services in various communities, we provide school shuttles to support remote school trips and ensure the safe travel of students to and from school, and also offer local communities fumigation trucks and emergency medical vehicles. 3. We build local self-reliance centers in a form suitable for each area and help the area run its own fund-raising system in a bid to promote its self-reliance. For example, we provide various facilities and build operating systems so that we can successfully carry out diverse projects such as fertilizer lending, clothing making, micro-financing, and running orchard cooperatives and vehicle repair shops. We make sure that the financial resources raised through local self-reliance centers will be continuously used to improve the education and health environment and promote local development.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

For sustainable development of local communities, we build a local 'financial self-reliance system' and support 'capacity building' of local residents for each area. 1. Following the completion of the training center, healthcare center, vehicle repair training center and mobile facilities, we set a minimum fee for them so that local communities can use the fee as a self-reliance fund. 2. We form a school management committee and local community development management committee and provide local residents with capacity-building education for their independent management of schools and communities. 3. Through the local self-reliance support center, we expand opportunities and create jobs for local residents in order to increase their incomes as well as support their vocational skills training. We gradually adjust the size of our support according to the planning stage. After the completion of the five-year plan, we transfer the management of the center so that the center will be run mostly by the local NGO staff.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

'The KIA Green Light Project Initiative' being promoted by Kia is joined by various global NGOs. We select new beneficiaries every year and set up five-year support plans for the areas to improve the educational and health environments of the communities as well as boost their local self-reliance. Kia, NGOs and local organizations join hands to raise project funds. They also build cooperative networks with local governments and communities to carry out diverse activities such as the construction of various facilities. As a motor company, Kia provides mobile facilities, funds, and technical training know-how. NGOs are responsible for conducting educational programs and campaigns. They also carry out surveys and monitoring of local conditions to check progress in the implementation of plans. Local organizations provide staff and help with project implementation to ensure that programs will operate professionally.


KIA Motors, Global NGOs
Progress reports
Goal 1
Goal 8
Goal 11
To establish local self-reliance projects in one new area every year
To provide mobile facilities to one new area annually
To establish education, health and self-reliance infrastructure in one new area every year
Other, please specify
Mobile clinics, mobile libraries, mobile repair service vehicles and school shuttles
Staff / Technical expertise
operation manpower

Basic information
Time-frame: 2012 - undefined
KIA Motors, Global NGOs
Contact information
Minsu Jeong, Associate, cyberjms@kia.com
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