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Solution of the problems of heavy oil and toxic pollution around the world
Description/achievement of initiative

"FORCE GROUP" implements own international environmental and social program "Green Force", which would ensure ecological safety of human life on the planet, realizing the need for ecologically pure soil, air, water, food. In cooperation with the relevant organizations and public authorities, entities "FORCE GROUP" eliminate heavy pollution with petroleum products and other toxic substances, recycling and disposal of oily waste, wash the soil, groundwater, and water bodies on the basis of unique technologies.

Implementation methodologies

If the solution of problem proposed by FORCE GROUP is acceptable to all parties involved, FORCE GROUP independently performs the works on the elimination of the corresponding contaminations on the agreed terms of the relevant contracts, which will be concluded with the customers of the works.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Whereas FORCE GROUP is an independent international association of companies.The chairman of FORCE GROUP is Dmitrii Fridman. FORCE GROUP has its own management structure, necessary equipment, scientific, human resources, necessary financial instruments and other necessary components, which in their totality might be used by FORCE GROUP, which is capable to implement all works itself irrespective of territorial location of contamination. What has been disbursed or delivered thus far: To the present moment, FORCE GROUP has more than 25 years of experience. Several millions of cubic meters of oil sludge and oil sediments has been processed. FORCE GROUP has the experience working with the world's largest oil companies. Our team participates in cooperation with the largest environmental organizations and shows best results.

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

Following the results of the 55th session on social development of the United Nations, the following resolution was adopted regarding the activities of FORCE GROUP. Excerpt: "To create favorable conditions for expanding the role and place of reserves in technology, methods and means of managing sustainable development in modern conditions, participants of the side event consider it necessary: Agree and support: - environmental and social program FORCE GROUP "GREEN FORCE", aimed at eliminating heavy pollution by oil products and other toxic substances, recycling and disposal of oil waste, cleaning of soils, groundwater and water bodies on the basis of unique technologies. In case of establishing the facts of heavy hydrocarbon and other heavy pollution of the environment, the concerned parties will update the relevant problem by involving the relevant UN structures and the FORCE GROUP for the purpose of working out the best solutions. FORCE GROUP will assess the problem and suggest solutions to it, taking into account the available opportunities and specificity of pollution.


"Sail of Hope", OPTIMA Project, BRICS Alliance, Hindustan Agro
Progress reports
Goal 3
Goal 15
Volume of recycled oil sludge 400 000 cubic meters
Volume of recycled oil sludge 1 600 000 cubic meters
Volume of recycled oil sludge 800 000 cubic meters
Volume of recycled oil sludge 3 200 000 cubic meters
Other, please specify
FORCE GROUP will conduct an independent investigation of pollution, will carry out their examination and determine the technological solution

Basic information
Time-frame: January 2017 - Ongoing
"Sail of Hope", OPTIMA Project, BRICS Alliance, Hindustan Agro
Contact information
Dmitrii Fridman, Chairman, force@forcecom.net, parus_7@mail.ru
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