Energy Literacy Initiatives
Description/achievement of initiative

Energy is endowed with reasonable amount of energy resoures both non renewable and renewable energy. However most of our community has poor access to energy information which may lead to inefficient use of energy sources. Thus, it is necessary for Indonesia to seek all possible measures to enhance energy education in urban and rural areas. Accordingly, the main objective of this program is to promote energy education which we believe can improve energy literacy that may lead to better understanding on the energy situation and in turn will support our energy plicy especially that related to energy conservation program.
The project is expected to support the establishment of local, national and international networks on energy education related matters in order to encourage the better understanding of the role of energy for our national sustainable development.


Government of Indonesia - Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources

Major Groups:
Local NGOs (Indonesia)

Action Network
  • Partnerships for SD (CSD11/WSSD)
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