Global Mapping
Description/achievement of initiative

Global Mapping is an international collaborative initiative through voluntary participation of national mapping organizations of the world, aiming to develop globally homogeneous geographic data set at the ground resolution of 1km, and to establish concrete partnership among governments, NGOs, private sectors, data providers and users to share information and knowledge for sound decision-making. Primary objective of Global Mapping is to contribute to the sustainable development through the provision of base framework geographic dataset, which is necessary to understand the current situation and changes of environment of the world.


Major Groups:
International Steering Cttee for Global Mapping (ISCGM) (Japan)
Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) ()
Euro. Umbrella Org. for Geographic Info (EUROGI) ()
Global Spatial Data Infrastructure Steering Cttee ()
Int'l Soc. for Photogrammetry & Remote Sensing ()
Int'l Standardization Org. / Tech. Cttee 211 ()
International Cartographic Association (ICA) ()
Perm. Ctee GIS Infrastructure for Asia & Pacific ()
Perm. Ctee Spatial Data Infrastructure -Americas ()
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) ()

UN System:
UN Geographic Information Working Group (UNGIWG) ()

National mapping organizations 130 countries (Japan)
EuroGeographics ()

Action Network
  • Partnerships for SD (CSD11/WSSD)
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