Refrigerants, Naturally! Initiative
Description/achievement of initiative

The Initiative scope consists of those in the supply, production, transport and retailing of food and drink who require point-of-sale cooling technology, including technology and component suppliers. Thus it includes supermarkets but not mobile air conditioning, general manufacturing, or general household.

- To promote a shift in the point-of-sale cooling technology in the food and drink, food service and retail sectors towards natural refrigerants with a low or no global warming potential (GWP).
- To do this whilst improving or (at least) equaling energy efficiency of existing fluorocarbon based technology
- To provide a working group and supportive environment for those committed to implementing natural refrigerants who will share information with each other and with suppliers on achieving the other objectives
- To reach out globally to a wider public including other industry, governments and society

Implementation methodologies

- Communicating to influential audiences (including trade associations, suppliers, policy makers, customers) the importance of the transition from F-Gases such as HFCs,HCFCs and CFCs to natural refrigerants.
- Influencing national and regional regulation and standardisation through joint, evidence-based advocacy in support of natural refrigerants.
- Demonstrating and communicating the business case for natural refrigerants at a project level.

- Creating a network for the purpose of sharing good practices and information on technical and other barriers to the local implementation of natural refrigerant systems between member companies' refrigeration engineers.
- Supporting the development and dissemination of the know how to service natural refrigerant-based systems and stimulating regional and local training & certification infrastructure for service technicians.
- Promoting innovation and best practice

- Setting clear, industry-leading targets for an accelerated transition from F-Gas refrigerants such as HFCs, HCFCs and CFCs to natural refrigerants.


- The Coca-Cola Company
- PepsiCo
- Unilever

supported by:
- United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (France)

- Greenpeace

Action Network
  • Partnerships for SD (CSD11/WSSD)
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