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Description/achievement of initiative

SD for TU means Development using principles of equity (regional, temporal, gender, intergenerational, ecological and economic), efficiency (optimization, minimization and conservation through use and advancement of technology), feasibility (economic and social acceptability), interdependence and integration, durability (through change in lifestyle and innovation), and decentralization (for planning and implementation).

Implementation methodologies

Apart from offering regular postgraduate level programme relevant for SD, the University promotes research and training activities to build capacity both within and outside. The University has classified its ESD activities in two faculties namely, the Faculty of Applied Sciences and the Faculty of Policy and Planning.Progress is monitored through:1. Number of programmes; 2. Number of PhDs awarded; 3. External funding received for SD related research; 4. Publications; and 5. Training programmes conducted for capacity building.Stakeholders' participation is an integral part of the design of new educational programmes. Programme objectives, course structure, contents etc. are discussed with the stakeholders before the launch of a programme and are also reviewed after the launch of the programme. In addition, the University hosts programmes and conferences for various multilateral, bilateral organizations and corporates engaged in SD activities.The University has functional MoUs with other premier universities within India and internationally, for joint research and student and faculty exchange.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Teri University-TU
Training programmes conducted for capacity building
Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Goal 4
Resources devoted to implementation
Staff / Technical expertise
Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development
Progress reports
  • 2015 (7 June 2016)
Cut off date each year: 2 May
This initiative fulfils the SMART criteria.
Location: New Delhi, India
Date of completion: 2015
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Leena Srivastava,

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