Science and technology, application of isotope techniques forSustainable Water Resources and Coastal Zone Management. (SWARCOZM )
Description/achievement of initiative

The main objective of this partnership initiative is to facilitate and enhance advanced scientific and technological methodologies such as the Isotopes Techniques to the sustainable use of water resources and coastal zone management.

Expected results include:
* Improved understanding of the groundwater discharge to the ocean and sea water intrusion in the coastal aquifer processes by the application of wide spectrum of isotopes techniques.
* Increased capacity of coordination among experts in hydrogeology, oceanography, coastal resources management
* Improved capacity for efficient water resources and coastal zone management and related policy development achieved by more effective collaboration between the partner agencies.
* Increased capacity of national scientific and technical institutions to use advanced techniques such us Isotopes applications in relation to water resources and coastal zone management.
* Increased capacity for long-term sustained training capability on isotopes techniques applications through development of academic centers.


Government Member States of IAEA and UNESCO
Government Nat'l Committees of the Int'l Hydrological Prog.
Government Nat'l Water Res. Mgmt.Agencies

Major Groups:
Int'l Council of Scientific Unions, ICSU ()
Local Authorities w/Water Res. Responsibilities ()
Research and Scientific Communities ()

UN System:
International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) (Austria)
International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA (Austria)
UNESCO (France)

IAH ()

Action Network
  • Partnerships for SD (CSD11/WSSD)
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