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The Electricity Governance Initiative seeks to enhance global understanding of electricity sector governance, and build the capacity of governments and civil society to implement good governance. The electricity sector globally has undergone fundamental transformations over the past decade. With new forms of organization, ownership, and technologies have come new and complicated questions about how decisions in the electricity sector are made and who makes them. Electricity reform has raised questions of governance that are increasingly recognized as important, but seldom answered. The Initiative is a partnership of civil society and electricity sector actors, whose goal is to create space for voices representing social and environmental considerations to be included in electricity sector decision-making, and advance implementation of Agenda 21. We seek to develop a common language for understanding governance and to build the capacity of civil society and governments to practice good governance. The partnership complements the efforts of civil society, governments, and private sector actors to advance public interests in the electricity sector.

Implementation methodologies

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


Government of United States of America - United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Major Groups:
National Institute of Public Finance and Policy (India)
Prayas Energy Group (India)
World Resources Institute (United States of America)
Center for Environmental Concerns (India)
Center for Policy Research (India)
Consumer and Civic Action Group (India)
Praja (India)
Indonesian Center for Environmental Law (Indonesia)
Indonesian Institute of Energy Economics (Indonesia)
Pelangi (Indonesia)
People Centered Economic and Business Institute (IBEKA) (Indonesia)
WWF (Indonesia)
Action for Economic Reforms (Philippines)
Development Academy of the Philippines (Philippines)
Green Renewable Independent Power Producers Inc (Philippines)
WWF Philippines (Philippines)
Confederation of Consumer Organisations (Thailand)
Health Systems Research Institute (Thailand)
King Prajadhipok?s Institute (Thailand)
Palang Thai (Thailand)
Thailand Environment Institute (Thailand)

Other intergovernmental organizations:
Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency Partnership (Austria)

Sustainable Development Goals and targets
Resources devoted to implementation
This initiative does not yet fulfil the SMART criteria.
Date of completion: 2012-04-04
Operating in countries
Partner connections
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