Working towards improvements in African business law: information and training on the new OHADA law applying to companies exporting to Africa or looking to invest there, and to businesses based in Africa
Description/achievement of initiative

All the analyses conducted by the CFCE and its clients confirm the importance of modern, stable, predictable and transparent business law in strengthening the inflow of foreign and domestic investment (required to support jobs, management and technology), promoting business growth and ensuring fair regulation of the local impact of the resulting benefits. We also know that sound legal governance exerts an influence on all the structures of national power.

The Africa Circle was set up in January this year with 20 or so members, including specialist lawyers and representatives of UNIDA (Association for the Unification of Law in Africa), ARPEJE (Association for the Renewal and Promotion of International Judicial Exchange) and IDLI (International Development Law Institute).

A questionnaire developed in consultation with all Circle members and issued to some 1,500 businesses working in French-speaking Africa has enabled us to make a more precise evaluation of the knowledge businesses have of African business law.The questionnaire will be used by the economic missions of French Embassies in Africa to evaluate other, larger, target groups of French businesses operating in the 16 countries of French-speaking Africa.


Government of France - Centre Français du Commerce Extérieur (CFCE)

Major Groups:
ARPEJE (France)
Africa Circle of the CFCE (France)
Assoc. for Unification of Law in Africa (UNIDA) (France)
International Development Law Institute (Italy)

Action Network
  • Partnerships for SD (CSD11/WSSD)
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