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UNIDO Programme for Country Partnership for Peru
Description/achievement of initiative

UNIDOs Programme for Country Partnership (PCP) is a multi-stakeholder partnership model that supports countries in achieving inclusive and sustainable industrial development. Aligned with the national development agenda and focused on sectors with growth potential, the PCP is helping Peru advance its industrial development goals. It builds synergies with partner interventions, leverages funds and mobilizes investments. The PCP for Peru is in line with country''s national development strategy and goal of acquiring OECD membership. The Programme focuses on aquaculture as a priority sector and the development of sustainable industrial parks and zones. It also integrates cross-cutting interventions such as institutional capacity-building, industrial resource efficiency and gender.

Implementation methodologies

UNIDO provides advisory services to the government on industry-related issues, leads programme design, provides multidisciplinary technical assistance, and facilitates overall PCP coordination. The various technical projects and programmes are implemented by UNIDO and other development partners, and coordinated through national governing bodies.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

There is a strong focus on institutional capacity-building throughout all initiatives of the PCP for Peru. Capacity-building is targeted at government officials, industry leaders, mid-level policymakers, professionals and representatives of the business sector. Technology transfer will also be facilitated, primarily by transforming existing industrial zones into sustainable models and by supporting the national network of Innovation and Technology Centres (CITEs).

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure

A national coordination mechanism was established under the leadership of the Government of Peru. It brings together all relevant ministries and PCP partners, including financial institutions, the business sector and academia. The National Steering Committee (NSC) comprises high-level representatives from public and private institutions engaged in the promotion and implementation of industrial development initiatives. The main role of the NSC is to assess and approve strategic objectives and guidelines for the PCP Peru. The Partner and Donor Working Group (PDWG) is the main focal point for coordination and cooperation with financial institutions and other development partners fundamental for the mobilization of resources (financial and non-financial) for PCP projects. The PDWG will operate under the auspices of the Ministry of Economy and Finance, the Ministry of Production and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and includes representatives from public institutions, partner and donor field offices, private sector associations and financial establishments. UNIDO will cooperate closely with its partners to develop a monitoring and evaluation (M&E) strategy in line with UNIDOs guidelines and Perus national development objectives. Social aspects, including gender responsive indicators, targets and baselines will be incorporated into the M&E framework. Regular monitoring reports will be shared with all stakeholders to communicate relevant outcomes and milestones. The PCP will undergo a mid-term evaluation, as well as a final evaluation at the end of the Programme in 2022. The latter will encompass an in-depth independent evaluation and a survey to be carried out in collaboration with the UNIDO Headquarters Evaluation Unit and national partners.


The Government of Peru, United Nations agencies, financial institutions, the business sector and other development partners.
Progress reports
Goal 1
Goal 5
Goal 7
Goal 8
Goal 9
Goal 12
Goal 17
December 2022
Quality compliance in the cocoa and coffee sectors improved.
December 2022
CITE performance and network strengthened, thereby attracting more investment and increasing the productivity of SMEs in the respective sectors.
December 2022
Integrated value chain development in Perus aquaculture sector fostered, thereby increasing production and value addition along the value chain.
December 2022
The National Industrial Parks System is strengthened in a sustainable and inclusive manner.
Other, please specify
Development partners are providing financing for technical projects and programmes under the PCP.
Other, please specify
The Government of Peru has provided funds for the Inception Phase of the Programme.
Staff / Technical expertise
UNIDO and other development partners are providing technical assistance.

Basic information
Time-frame: December 2015 - September 2022
The Government of Peru, United Nations agencies, financial institutions, the business sector and other development partners.
Contact information
Petra Schwager, PCP Project Coordinator, p.schwager@unido.org
United Nations