ICC Green Economy Roadmap - a guide for business, policymakers and society
Description/achievement of initiative

- to promote a more common understanding of green economy.
- to assist in the development and implementation of policies and actions towards a green economy.
- to build a platform for future action and collaboration.

Implementation methodologies

The first step is the launch of the ICC Green Economy Roadmap a guide for business, policymakers and society during Rio+20, including sharing best practices, lessons learnt and calls for collaboration.

Recognizing that a green economy requires the need to reconcile long, medium and short term vision and actions, the ICC Green Economy Roadmap outlines ten conditions and related policy recommendations as a framework to discuss a range of inter-linked policies and actions for a transition towards a green economy - by business as a part of society as well as in collaboration with other actors in society. The Roadmap also has a clearing house function to share existing best practice and initiate new collaborative activities.

The Roadmap is a forward-looking document meant to serve as a reference document for current and future actions. We hope that it will be a useful tool for integrating sustainability into business strategies or government policy frameworks.

Direct link to ICC Green Economy Roadmap:
Policy Commissions, International Chamber of Commerce

Direct link to nearly 50 best practices and calls for collaboration:
Road map Case studies


International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
Deliverable Date
Official launch of Roadmap 20 Jun 2012
Continuous outreach on the Roadmap and building of an (online) platform for future action and collaboration 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise More than 2000 company experts
Staff / Technical expertise Member companies in over 120 countries
Staff / Technical expertise Global network of national committees and chambers of commerce

Andrea Bacher, Policy Manager, andrea.bacher@iccwbo.org

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