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University of Nairobi
Description/achievement of initiative

The University is committed to developing and sustaining an Environmental Management System (EMS) based on the International Standard ISO 14001. The EMS, together with the ISO 9001- 2008 Standard, will be the mechanism for achieving the University's Environmental Policy. The University Policy has identified six goals: waste minimization, energy and water use efficiency, air quality, transportation, and noise. The University will support activities that will ensure that the environmental objectives which spell out actions that are necessary to achieve these goals are carried out. Additionally, the University will conduct regular environmental site audits particularly for waste, water, energy and occupational safety.

Implementation methodologies

The University will cooperate with all stakeholders in the Nairobi region to ensure the impacts of University operations on the environment are minimized.The University recognizes that it has a role to provide students with the tools to be environmentally conscious citizens. The University desires to offer leadership as an environmentally responsible organization and is committed to promoting environmental awareness, and educating and training the University community regarding the collective responsibility to implement its environmental policy. The greening of curriculum in various academic departments is growing.The University is committed to measuring and monitoring its progress towards reaching its environmental goals and objectives as outlined in its environmental policy. The University will prepare annual environmental reports that contain quantitative indicators to measure progress towards meeting the obligations contained in the environmental policy.The University encourages all members of the University community to report any incidents, actions, or concerns which may potentially harm the environment.The University is committed to purchasing products which balance quality and cost, and which promote environmental sustainability. The University will encourage its suppliers and contractors to provide environmental data about their products and to develop products that are environmentally friendly.

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

Coordination mechanisms/governance structure


University of Nairobi
Progress reports
Goal 4
Developing and sustaining an Environmental Management System (EMS)
Staff / Technical expertise
Expertise of student and faculty dedicated to sustainable development

Basic information
Time-frame: 2012 - 2015
University of Nairobi
Contact information
Peter Mbithi , Vice-Chancellor, vc@uonbi.ac.ke
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