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Description/achievement of initiative

Unitec has committed to a comprehensive Environmental Sustainability Strategy which encompasses Teaching, Research, Advocacy, Campus Operations and Kaitiakitanga (or guardianship). Action plans have been created for each of these areas and Unitec has adopted the following environmental key performance indicators, which are included in our annual report, to measure our progress:
Energy use
Water use
Paper use
Waste to landfill
Sustainability curriculum content
Sustainability research outputs and
Number of sustainability events hosted

Implementation methodologies

Full details of these commitments and progress on related projects under each of the action plans can be accessed on-line at www.eco.unitec.ac.nz. Unitec utilises an on-line environmental management system www.ecoportal.co.nz, is working towards ISO 14001 certification, engages a full time Environmental Sustainability Manager and is working closely with the Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority of New Zealand and the New Zealand Sustainable Business Network.


Unitec Institute of Technology
Deliverable Date
Environmental Sustainability Strategy 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Rick Ede, Chief Executive, rede@unitec.ac.nz

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Rick Ede- Chief Executive
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