Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa
Description/achievement of initiative

To ensure that teaching and training programs on sustainable development practice form a part of the core curriculum;
-To support and encourage research and improve scientific understanding through enhancing the development, adaptation, diffusion and transfer of knowledge;
Reducing the environmental footprinting through adopting sustainable procurement practices in our supply chains, providing sustainable mobility options for students and faculty, adopting effective programmes for waste minimization, recycling and reuse and encouraging more sustainable lifestyles;
To support sustainability efforts in the community in which we reside, encouraging students and faculty working with local authorities and civil society to foster more liveable, resource-efficient communities.

Implementation methodologies

Partners engaged (ISEL, Al Farabi Kazakh National University and MDP/Global Classroom Program of Earth Institute of Colombia University)should engage with and share results through international framewoek, such as the UN decade of Education for Sustainable Development, led by UNSCO, the UN University system, the UN Academic Impact, the Global Impact, rhe UN-supported Principles for Responsible Management Eduction initiative and the UN Environmental Programme's Environmental Education and Training, in ordem to exchange knowledges ans experiences and to report regularly on progress ans challenges.


Instituto Superior de Engenharia de Lisboa
Deliverable Date
Research on sustainble development issues 2015
Adopting sustainable procurement practices 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Prof Elmano Margato, President,

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Prof Elmano Margato President
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