National Green Growth Development Strategy for 2008-2030
Description/achievement of initiative

The Republic of Korea, in 2008, adopted The National Green Growth Development Strategy for 2008-2030

In September 2008 the Ministry of Knowledge Economy released a medium- to long-term National Energy Basic Plan for the period 2008-2030. The plan outlines future energy policy direction, such as the realization of low-carbon society, and calls for energy security increase, rational use of energy, and environment protection.

The government will actively support the development and deployment of non-fossil energy such as new and renewable energy and nuclear, along with energy demand-side management. Climate change is also viewed as an urgent issue, and the government will facilitate the carbon market and promote the public energy saving activities. The plan sets various energy targets. The energy intensity target is 0.185 tonnes of oil equivalent (Toe)/USD 1 000, and the target for new and renewable energy's share of total energy consumption is 11% for the year 2030.

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