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Towards Greener Development: On a Coherent Environmental and Development Policy (White Paper)
Description/achievement of initiative

The Norwegian Council of State approved a policy-recommendation, "Towards greener development: On a coherent environmental and development" in 2011.
Source: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Meld. St. 14 (2010?2011) Report to the Storting (white paper) Towards greener development: On a coherent environmental and development policy, recommendation from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of 8 April 2011, approved in th

The Norwegian Government has developed a coherent environmental and development policy based on four pillars:

  • Enhance the role of government as a driving force for greener development and as a bridge-builder between different groups of countries in international processes;

  • Intensify the government's efforts to promote greener development by contributing to low-carbon development, with particular emphasis on renewable energy and sustainable management of natural resources;

  • Be a driving force in the establishment of global systems for maintaining ecosystem services;

  • Continue to facilitate adaptation by developing countries to the climate change that is inevitable;

This white paper examines the environmental and development policy instruments that promote green development strategies, and how aid can make such strategies more attractive. This will involve increasing the proportion of aid allocated to climate and environmental measures, which will be done within the current budget framework.

Implementation methodologies

Arrangements for Capacity-Building and Technology Transfer

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Time-frame: - 2011
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