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The ESADE Social Responsibility Strategic Plan* (SR-ESADE) 2011-2014, includes the following objectives:
- Training
- Research
- Social Debate
- Organisational Culture
- Institutional Policy
- Sustainable Campus
- Social Activity
- Transparency and Accountability

Implementation methodologies

Through continued efforts already underway.

The ESADE Social Responsibility Strategic Plan* (SR-ESADE) 2011-2014, includes the following objectives:

- Training In all formal qualification programmes include a learning objective directly related to social responsibility and its implication in the practice of the profession in question.

- Research Substantially advance towards completely adopting the PRME recommendations on research.

- Social Debate Promote dialogue and debate concerning critical themes and cases related with global social responsibility and sustainability, including the various social actors and faculty.

- Organisational Culture Promote that conducts and habits in line with a more sustainable vision of the organisation and which strengthen development of a socially responsible culture be adopted by the ESADE community**.

- Institutional Policy Revise internal policies in order that ESADE may increasingly become a more socially responsible institution.

- Sustainable Campus Implement in 2015 a new Environmental Management System with the aim of preventing, reducing, minimising and eliminations the carbon footprint of the institution.

- Social Activity Maximise the institution's social activity programme in order to connect and embrace the various groups within the community with the objective of raising awareness and of offering different alternatives for collaboration and voluntary work.

- Transparency and Accountability From 2013 onwards, prepare the Institutional Annual Report according to GRI (G3:1) standards, submitting to an external consultancy audit.


* The tem social responsibility includes social responsibility, sustainability and ethics.

** The ESADE community includes students, faculty, administrative staff and Alumni.


ESADE Foundation
Deliverable Date
ESADE Social Responsibility Strategic Plan* (SR-ESADE) 2011-2014 2014
Institutional Annual Report according to GRI (G3:1) standards 2015
Resources devoted to implementation
Type Details
Staff / Technical expertise Expertise of students and staff concerning sustainable development

Action Network
  • Higher Education Sustainability Initiative
Eugenia Bieto, Director General,

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