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Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund
Description/achievement of initiative

The Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund of the Republic of Croatia is a structured extra-budgetary fund which finances projects and activities in three basic areas: environmental protection, energy efficiency, and the use of renewable energy sources.
Source: the Energy Institute Hrvoje Požar

One of the main examples of green economy policies in Croatia was establishing the Environment Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund (EPEEF) based on 'polluter pays principle' which is regulated by Environmental Protection Act: the polluter bear the costs arising from polluting the environment including the costs of damage assessment, assessment of necessary measures and costs of removing the damage to the environment. The polluter also bear the costs of environmental monitoring and application of prescribed measures as well as the costs of undertaking measures for preventing environmental pollution, regardless of whether such costs result from prescribed environmental liability, that is, the release of emissions into the environment, or represent a fee established under appropriate financial instruments or an obligation prescribed by a regulation on environmental pollution abatement.

The EPEEF has major role in greening the economy in Croatia with the mission to financing the preparation, implementation and development of programmes, projects and similar activities in the field of preservation, sustainable use, protection and improvement of the environment, energy efficiency and use of renewable energy sources, promotion of environmental protection goals and principles for the purpose of accomplishing systematic and integrated preservation of environmental quality, conservation of natural communities and rational use of natural assets and energy as the basic preconditions for sustainable development and the realization of the right of citizens to a healthy environment. Funds for financing the activities of the EPEEF are secured, in conformity with the 'polluter pays principle', from fees and special fees collected from parties subject to paying environmental protection and energy efficiency fees as well as from other sources in accordance to special regulations.

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